To understand the characteristics and behavior of dogs(2)

  1. Some dogs have a bad habit of eating feces

Some dogs like to eat feces, which may be human feces or dog feces. Because there are often parasitic eggs and pathogenic microorganisms in the feces, dogs are easy to cause disease infection after eating, so it should be stopped. In order to prevent dogs from eating feces, you can add vitamins or minerals to the feed.

  1. Honest and loyal to his master

After a dog gets along with its owner for a period of time, it will establish a strong and innocent relationship with its owner. Many dogs express sadness when their owners encounter misfortune, showing no food, or lack of interest in anything, and listlessness. The longer people and dogs spend together, the more prominent this characteristic of the dog is.

Dogs have a strong protective heart and absolute obedience to their owners, can fight to help their owners, and couragently take the lead, regardless of their own lives to complete the tasks assigned by the owners, and sometimes make people amazed things, such as through training, can count, read and so on.

  1. Dogs have great memories

Dogs have a good sense of time and memory. In terms of the concept of time, every dog has such an experience, every time the feeding time, the dog will automatically come to the feeding place, showing abnormal excitement. If the owner is a little late feeding, it will warn you by whispering or knocking on the door. When it comes to memory, dogs have a strong ability to remember the owners and homes they have raised them in, and even the voice of their owners. Therefore, the dog is very homing and can return to the master's home from hundreds of miles away. Some people think it is related to the dog's strong memory ability, others think it is related to the dog's sense of smell, relying on its sensitive sense of direction to find the way back.

  1. Using the dog's concept of time and memory is strong, we can train the dog to defecate, urinate, eat, sleep three positioning, so that the three have a fixed position, which helps to keep the kennel clean and dry. In addition, when feeding must be regularly quantified.

Post time: Nov-01-2023