Dog biscuit (beef & spinach flavor /duck & apple flavor /rabbit & carrot flavor /lamb & pumpkin flavor /dog treats/pet treats)

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Analysis :

Crude Protein Min  7.5%

Crude Fat Min    5.5%

Crude Fiber Max  2.0%

Ash Max         2.0%

Moisture Max     8.0%

Ingredients :

Wheat Flour, Beef, duck rabbit, lamb, apple, carrot, pumpkin, Spinach,Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Dried Milk, Cheese, Soybean Lecithin, Salt

Shelf time: 18 months

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NewFace biscuit: An assortment of mini crunchy dog biscuits make a great training treat and a great addition to your dog's diet; they feature all natural ingredients and assorted natural flavors including chicken,beef ,duck ,lamb and many vegetables and fruits
ALL NATURAL: Our yummy biscuit recipes include wholesome natural ingredients such as, fruits and vegetables; each biscuit is slowly oven baked to preserve the natural flavors
Made in North America using only the finest globally sourced ingredients; we craft delicious recipes with simple, natural ingredients thoughtfully chosen for their nutritional benefits; no artificial preservatives or meat byproducts
THE NATURAL CHOICE: From puppy to senior, small dog to large breed, crunchy to chewy, grained to grain free, treating to training, we've got an all natural recipe for every dog's needs and taste
GIVE 'EM SOME SNACK LOVE: We've used the same simple methods to bake our snacks, each home style recipe is crafted from wholesome ingredients so you can feel good about giving your dog a reward that's healthy and heartfelt

rabbit & carrot flavor biscuit


Vegetables and fruits serve multiple functions in biscuits:
1. Provide nutrition: Vegetables and fruits are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and cellulose, which can provide the necessary nutrients for the human body.
2. Increase the taste: Vegetables and fruits can bring more texture and flavor to the biscuit, making it more delicious and delicious.
3. Increase perception of taste: If relatively healthy ingredients such as vegetables and fruits are added to biscuits, people will have a higher perception of the taste of biscuits, which will help improve customers' liking for biscuits.
4. Increase satiety: Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of cellulose, which can increase satiety and avoid excessive consumption of biscuits. In a word, adding vegetables and fruits to biscuits helps to improve its nutritional value and taste, while reducing its harm to the human body.

lamb pumpkin flavor biscuit-tuya

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