Reception of Singapore clients

The visit of the Singapore customer this time was a bit complicated. The customer was originally in China, but was informed to return to Singapore and rescheduled the visit date, but the air ticket time was a little inappropriate, so we also changed and changed according to the customer's itinerary. Finally, we received the customer at noon on the 28th. On the way, we discussed several questions prepared in advance with the customer, learned about the current market situation of the customer, and the customer also learned about the production capacity of our factory.

Listen to the customer is in this trip to do at least five or six years, more in line, on the packaging and version color MOQ are very understanding.
The customer has visited the workshop and products, the new sample room, the laboratory, and the raw materials at the source.


The customer purchased supplies and some snacks from the southern factory, and this time, knowing that Shandong is an important base for pet food, he specially visited, during which we reached a very good consensus, and also recorded all kinds of materials required by the customer for import registration of our company and official requirements, and cooperated with the customer to make preparations and follow up.

We had a perfect conversation in about an afternoon. On the way to send the customer by car, the customer also breathed a sigh of relief, saying that when he came, all kinds of problems he was worried about got a very good answer, this visit, let him be very assured, looking forward to our cooperation soon.
Nuofeng, treat every customer is sincere, treat every product is strict, this is our original intention, but also our consistent belief, grateful to meet my every sincere guest.

Post time: Mar-28-2023