The representative of the African customer to inspect and deliver the goods

2023.7.15 The representative of the African customer to inspect and deliver the goods, we from the source of raw materials to processing and packaging and storage process one by one to the customer to make a presentation, the representative is very satisfied with this factory inspection, the environment and product quality are given a very high evaluation, on the spot with the customer video every detail.


During the period, the representative talked to us about the situation of the African market, which further deepened our understanding of the market and provided us with more accurate direction for future market development and product push.

For pet food, the African market is an emerging market, but it is very difficult to register imports, various systems are not as perfect as Europe and the United States, and the efficiency is low, which brings a lot of inconvenience factors to many importers. They can only ask other qualified importers to help import. This really adds a lot of trouble. Fortunately, emerging market products are still selling well, the customer mentioned three factors, first, cheap, second, good palatability, third, good sales channels. The first two lies in finding the right supplier, which is also the reason why the customer quickly sent a representative to inspect the factory after our first bulk shipment. In this way, they will be very relieved to import in the future and focus on developing the market.


Sometimes feel the fate of this thing is very wonderful, the customer said that the first time to find suppliers online to find us to contact, this visit is so smooth, workshop, laboratory, warehouse, delivery, every step in the customer seems very satisfied.
We appreciate this good communication and look forward to our future cooperation.

Post time: Jul-15-2023