OEM dog chew treats chicken round chips with beef dice.

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Crude Protein Min 28%

Crude Fat Min 3.0%

Crude Fiber Max 2.0%

Ash Max 2.0%

Moisture Max 18%

Ingredients: chicken, beef

Shelf time:18 months

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About this item:

About the product:

Chicken round chips with beef dice is one of Nuofeng's popular product. This treat is perfect for meat-loving dogs as it combines the meat of chicken and beef. Round chicken chips are made with fresh and healthy chicken breast, and adding real beef dice to the chicken chips. With these delicious ingredients, dogs can enjoy a double treat for their taste buds.

About the company:

*Nuofeng Pet is a pet food export company with ten years of experience in production and research and development. It is a research and development enterprise integrating production, processing, research and development and sales. *

*Its main products include dog treats, cat treats, dog dry and wet food, cat dry and wet food, teeth cleaning products, freeze-dried pet food and other pet food.

Our goal is to make the best pet food to our lovely pets, with health and pet happiness as the main purpose of research and development.

*What sets this dog treat apart is its commitment to using fresh ingredients with no antibiotics or harmful substances. Nuofeng ensures that its products do not add chemical ingredients, coloring or harmful growth agents. This dedication to using natural ingredients gives pet owners peace of mind knowing they're giving their furry friends a safe and nutritious treat.

*These chicken round chip with beef dice are not only delicious, they're versatile. They are packed with nutrients and can be used in dog training and rewards. Additionally, they can be used as a nutritional supplement to their daily feedings, ensuring dogs receive the necessary nutrients to support their overall health and well-being. The combination of chicken rounds and diced beef not only provides a delicious experience, but also ensures that dogs can enjoy the benefits of both meats.

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