OEM dog chew treats Rabbit ear with duck meat

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Crude Protein Min 35%
Crude Fat Min 3.0%
Crude Fiber Max 0.2%
Ash Max 4.5%
Moisture Max 18%
Ingredients: Rabbit ear, Duck
Shelf time: 18 months

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* Dog snacks Rabbit ear with duck meat can be a unique and flavorful treat for dogs. Rabbit ears are often considered a good alternative to more common proteins like beef and chicken. They are a natural and low- fat source of protein and can provide a variety and minerals to support your dog’s health.

*When rabbit ear combined with duck meat, these dog snacks offer a variety diet to your dogs. Duck meat is also a lean protein source and provides essential nutrition such as amino acids and minerals and vitamins.


*Rabbit ear with duck inside can be a natural and flavorful treat for dogs. Rabbit ears are often enjoyed by dogs and can provide them many benefits.
For example, rabbit ears are a great source of lean protein which can help support muscle development and overall health in dogs.
Chewing on rabbit ears with duck meat can help promote dental hygiene by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. The chewing action can help scrape away debris from the teeth and gums.

*Nuofeng rabbit ear with duck meat inside are made from real rabbit ears without any harmful additives or preservatives. And the rabbit ear are tested to guarantee there’s no heavy mental inside. So you can trust the quality of Nuofeng pet.

*It is also important to consider the size and texture of the rabbit ears to ensure they are appropriate for your dog’s size and chewing habit.

*Remember to always supervise your dog when giving them any type of treat, and provide fresh water for them to drink. Enjoy treating your furry friend with these unique rabbit ear and duck meat snacks!

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