OEM dog snacks chicken and spinach dice vegetable with meat

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Crude Protein Min 25%
Crude Fat Min 2.0%
Crude Fiber Max 2.0%
Ash Max 2.0%
Moisture Max 22%
Ingredients: Chicken,spinach
Shelf time: 18 months

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About this item:
* This products are made of chicken and spinach, this treats for dogs can be a healthy treat. Chicken can provide essential amino acids for muscle maintenance and growth, while spinach is packed with Vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin K, as well as beneficial minerals like iron and calcium.
* More and more vegetables are added to dog snacks and also varies dog food. People are more and more realized the greet vegetables have many benefits for the bodies, so they also want their dogs eat more green vegetables to keep the health of the body.
* The products are made of fresh green spinach and with real chicken meat, all ingredients are natural, no adding colors, and harmful ingredients, with natural ingredients in a treat you can feel good about.
* The vegetables in the dog snacks can support the digestive health and skin health for adult dogs. A source of prebiotic fiber to support a balanced gut micro biome in your grown dog. Nutrition and delicious dog snacks formulated for optimal digestive and skin health.


* Great as training treats for your healthy dog, or as an addition to their dry dog food or wet canned food routine. Natural dog snacks can provide the right balance of flavor and nutrition in every satisfying bite.
* Recommended for all dogs, including those with a sensitive stomach or skin.
* You can mix the chicken and spinach snacks to the main food, including the wet canned dog food or the dried dog food, to make the meal of the dogs more nutritional and more delicious.
Please be so kind to note: this snacks are for dogs, not for human consumption!

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