OEM/ODM dog chew treats white rawhide stick wrapped with duck

Short Description:

Product No.: NFD-005


Crude Protein  :   ≥55%

Crude Fat      :  ≥7.0 %

Crude Fiber     :   ≤0.5%

Crude Ash      :   ≤3.0%

Moisture       :   ≤18%

Ingredients : Duck breast, Rawhide stick

Shelf time24 months

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raw material


About the products

*Rawhide sticks wrapped with Duck meat are a popular choice for dog snacks.

Dog chew snacks Rawhide sticks was made from second layer rawhide, cleaned and cutted into pieces, than made into the stick shape, the produce process are long lasting and complicated. The dog chew snacks was wrapped with meat are popular in dog owner and was loved by dogs. Easy digest, protect the dog's teeth.


*Rawhide sticks are made from a second layer of rawhide, which is typically tougher and more durable. Cleaning and cutting the hide into pieces before shaping it into bars helps create the desired shape and size for the snack.

* Wrapping rawhide sticks with meat like duck breast not only adds flavor, but also makes them more popular with dog owners and beloved by dogs. The combination of rawhide and meat creates a delicious and satisfying chewing experience for your furry friend.

*One of the benefits of these snacks is that they are easy to digest. Rawhide goes through a complex process that helps break it down and make it easier for dogs to digest.

*However, it's still important to monitor your dog as they enjoy these foods and make sure they chew them properly to prevent any digestive issues.

*Additionally, chewing on rawhide sticks can help protect your dog's teeth.

The chewing action helps remove plaque and tartar, promotes good dental hygiene and prevents dental problems such as gum disease and cavities.

*Nuofeng pet company choose to use good quality rawhide sticks and make sure the meat used for wrapping is fresh and contains no additives.


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