OEM/ODM Dog rawhide chews Chicken and rawhide stick long lasting chews

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Crude Protein Min 38%
Crude Fat Min 2.0%
Crude Fiber Max 2.0%
Ash Max 2.0%

shelf life: 24months


Rawhide, Chicken breast

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* The product chicken and rawhide stick are made with rawhide and chicken, but can you see something difference from the photos?
We can see there is chicken meat from the photos. And do you find some different rawhide from the products?
You are right! This rawhide not the “real rawhide”, the part of the rawhide are not the real rawhide, but made are with rawhide power. This can made the products more digestible, and easy to chew than the real rawhide products.
* The chicken meat is selected from the high standard farm with high quality.
* With no artificial colors and addictive to guarantee the quality of the dog chews, to give the dogs nutrition and also chew feeling.

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* When would you like to give your dogs snacks? When you are giving the dogs some training ,when they are alone, when you are bring them outside and you gave your dogs some rewards, please be note that the treats can only be a treat or snack, not for a meal, please control the quantity you give your dogs a day, based on the direction of daily feeding.
* Please note that when the rawhide and chicken sticks are chewed smaller, please notice to avoid the dogs swallow it. Then use a new one to instead the smaller ones.
* Please be sure there is always fresh water along with the snacks, make sure fresh water are available for the dogs.
* you can bring the snacks along with you when take the dogs outside or have a tour with them, it is convenience and easy taking.This can strength the relationship between you and your pets.

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