Dog snack whole piece dry chicken breast

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Pet snack such as Chicken breast Jerky are usually used for training rewarding, and satisfying pet’s hunger.

Product No.:NFD-003
Crude Protein Min 45%
Crude Fat Min 2.0%
Crude Fiber Max 0.2%
Ash Max 3.0%
Moisture Max 18%
Ingredients: Chicken, Sorbierite, Salt

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* High protein and low fat are good for pets' health.
* Raw materials are from factories registered in CIQ.
* Produced under HACCP and ISO22000 system
* No artificial flavors, colors
* Rich in vitamins & minerals
* Easy to digest
* Contain real meat
* Nutrition and Healthy
* Sample Free
* Large production capacity

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As a snack, it provides some nutritional benefits, such as protein and minerals, but it should be used as a supplement to a pet's diet rather than a replacement. Because chicken breast jerky is dry and does not contain any water, it also helps pets maintain their oral hygiene and prevent tooth decay. However, Each slice is strictly sliced by hand, and produced in strict accordance with baking time and temperature, so as to keep nutrition from losing and ensure that dogs are more easily digested and absorbed.
if your pet has gastrointestinal sensitivity or other health issues, it's best to consult a veterinarian for advice.


Appearance Dry
Spec Customized
Brand New Face
Shipment Sea,Air,Express
Advantage High Protein,No Artificial Additives
Specification Customized
Origin China
Production Capacity 15mt/day
Trademark OEM/ODM
HS Code 23091090
Shelf time 18 months

Warm  Prompt

1. Snacks are only used as daily rewards or supplements. For the sake of your dog's health, do not substitute snacks for staple foods.
2. Meat snacks in the intestines and stomach digestion will be slow, please pay attention not to feed too much.
3. Small puppies and dogs with weak stomachs are advised to avoid or limit snacks


1. Please avoid sunshine, high temperature and dampness.
2. Please use it up as soon as possible after open.

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