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Dog wet food, also known as canned dog food, is a type of cat food that comes in a moist form. It typically contains a higher moisture content compared to dry  dog food and is often more palatable for cats due to its soft texture and strong aroma. Wet dog food is a popular choice among cat owners because it provides hydration and can be easier to eat, especially for older dogs or those with dental issues. Additionally, it offers a variety of flavors and formulations to cater to different dietary needs and preferences of dogs.

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Our canned selection of high quality chicken breasts (high protein, low fat and easy to absorb) Full cold chain (retains the full nutrition and taste of chicken)

Shred whole meat: Easier for dogs to lick

High temperature sterilization: quick fresh stew retains the original flavor and locks in nutrition

Rich in taurine (which dogs cannot synthesize on their own), it promotes growth and improves vision and heart function

It contains vitamin A, which can improve skin health, improve vision and promote growth

Vitamin D3 boosts bone metabolism

Vitamin E promotes cellular antioxidants

Our dog can 0 gum 0 starch 0 attractor

Our products have bags and cans, the specifications from 85g  100g 150g 170g 200g 375g 400g 680g and other different specifications, Our products have different flavors, chicken, beef, fish, lamb etc., and also have mixed flavors,

Our dog cans are in various forms, chunks gravy, jelly and so on

we generally do OEM, according to customer requirements to produce.

We always adhere to the green and healthy food for pets escort

NEWFACE Pet  Food is your best choice.

Crude Protein ≥8.5%   Crude Fat ≥ 2.0%   Crude Fiber ≤4.0%  Crude Ash ≤2.0%

Moisture ≤85%

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