FD Salmon

Short Description:

Pet snack such as Chicken breast Jerky are usually used for training rewarding , and satisfying pet’s hunger .

Analysis :

Crude Protein Min  65%

Crude Fat Min    2.0%

Crude Fiber Max  0.2%

Ash Max         4.0%

Moisture Max     10%

Ingredients : Chicken

Product Detail

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* High protein and low fat are good for pets' health.
* Raw materials are from factories registered in CIQ.
* Produced under HACCP and ISO22000 system
* No artificial flavors, colors
* Rich in vitamins & minerals
* Easy to digest
* Contain real meat
* Nutrition and Healthy
* Sample Free
* Large production capacity




The raw materials for cat freeze-drying are usually made of fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and other ingredients. Among them, common meats include chicken, duck, beef, mutton, pork, etc., fish include salmon, cod, mackerel, etc., vegetables and fruits include carrots, pumpkins, cauliflower, spinach, blueberries, apples, bananas, etc. These ingredients are usually made by processes such as drying or freezing and dehydration, so as to retain the nutrients in them. In addition, some essential vitamins and minerals are added to make the nutrition of cat freeze-dried more comprehensive.
Freeze-dried cats can be used as a cat food substitute and can also be used to make cat treats and cat training rewards. Freeze-dried food has a long shelf life, does not need to add any preservatives, and is rich in nutrition. Cats only need to add water when eating. In addition, cats can also be freeze-dried as cat toys, so that cats can get some extra nutrition while playing.


Appearance Dry
Spec Customized
Brand New Face
Shipment Sea,Air,Express
Advantage High Protein,No Artificial Additives
Specification Customized
Origin China
Production Capacity 15mts/day
Trademark OEM/ODM
HS Code 23091090
Shelf time 18 months

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