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Pet snack such as Chicken breast Jerky are usually used for training rewarding , and satisfying pet’s hunger .

Analysis :

Crude Protein Min  2.5%

Crude Fat Min    2.0%

Crude Fiber Max  2.0%

Ash Max         5.0%

Moisture Max     16%

Ingredients : Chicken

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Our raw materials for dog teeth cleaning products include:
1. Starch: corn starch, potato starch, etc., can help offset the acidic substances in the mouth and have the effect of cleaning teeth.
2. Protein: fish meal, chicken meal, etc., which can provide the protein and various amino acids that dogs need.
3. Minerals: Calcium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and other minerals can help dogs grow healthily and enhance immunity.
4. Plant extracts: Rosemary extract, green tea extract, peppermint and other natural plant extracts have deodorizing, anti-inflammatory and cleaning effects. 5. Vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin E, etc. are beneficial to the dog's fur and immune system. It is worth noting that some tooth cleaning products may contain bad additives such as high sugar or spices. These ingredients are not good for the health of dogs. Dog owners should choose brands with good reputation and quality assurance, or make safe ones with ingredients at home. , Nutritious tooth cleaning food for dogs.



1. Remove tartar and bad breath: The ingredients in dental cleaning products can remove tartar on the teeth and bacteria in the mouth, reducing bad breath.
2. Prevent periodontal disease and dental caries: Dental cleaning products can remove bacteria and keep the oral cavity clean, thereby reducing the occurrence of periodontal disease and dental caries.
3. Promote oral health: The ingredients in tooth cleaning products include vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which can promote oral health.
4. Provide nutrition: The ingredients in tooth cleaning products can provide dogs with a certain amount of nutrition, such as protein, calcium, vitamins, etc., which are conducive to the healthy growth of dogs. It should be noted that tooth cleaning products cannot completely replace regular tooth cleaning and examination. The best way is to take the dog to the veterinarian for tooth cleaning and oral health check regularly. In addition, dogs also need to have enough water and good eating habits to maintain oral health.



Appearance Dry
Spec Customized
Brand New Face
Shipment Sea,Air,Express
Advantage High Protein,No Artificial Additives
Specification Customized
Origin China
Production Capacity 15mts/day
Trademark OEM/ODM
HS Code 23091090
Shelf time 18 months

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