Curly Stick fruit flavor

Short Description:

Analysis :
Crude Protein Min 2.5%
Crude Fat Min 2.0%
Crude Fiber Max 2.0%
Ash Max 5.0%
Moisture Max 16.0%

Ingredients : corn starch,glycerin,chicken powder,sodium hexametaphosphate,potassium sorbate,coloring ,strawberry flavor, multivitamin.water.

shelf time: 18 months

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What is a tooth cleaning stick? A dog snack that takes care of both teeth grinding and cleaning. Teeth-grinding: To meet dogs' biting needs, dogs have a predisposition to hunt and bite, and the need to bite intensifies during teething, so dogs have a tendency to tear down their homes. Some studies even suggest that the closer a breed is genetically to a Wolf, the more likely it is to tear down their homes
Toothcleaning to meet your dog's health needs Because domestic dogs are often late to the main foods and snacks containing grains, soft ingredients, low fiber, and easily converted into glucose, dental caries AIDS, also dog teeth wide, food residue is easy, if not cleaned in time, may lead to a variety of diseases



What happens when you give your dog a dental hygienist for a long time? 1. It satisfies the psychological needs of dogs to chew. Dogs explore new things through sight and smell, and can further learn new things through chewing. A survey shows that only 16% of parents can insist on brushing their teeth every day. As a physical method to remove dental plaque, dental cleaning products are a better time-saving supplement and alternative. 3. Chewing stimulation can stabilize teeth by chewing teeth cleaning stick. Teeth can withstand pressure and pressure conduction stimulates gums, which has great effect on tooth development and periodontal tissue health, especially in the early stage of tooth development.


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