Twin Candy for dog dog dental care teeth cleaning

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Analysis :
Crude Protein Min 2.5%-6.0%
Crude Fat Min 1.0%
Crude Fiber Max 1.0%
Ash Max 8.0%
Moisture Max 16.0%

Ingredients : Corn starch, water, chicken meal,soybean isolate protein,gelatin glycerin,coloring, D-Sorbitol, sodium hexametaphosphate ,potassium sorbate

shelf time: 18 months

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Is dental care important for pets? Many people think bad breath in pets is inevitable, but failing to take care of the health of your teeth can be worse than bad breath and dental stones. The condition of their teeth can affect their heart, lungs and kidneys. In the early stages, dogs with dental diseases may have bad breath, difficulty biting food, tilt to one side when chewing, visible plaque and tartar on the teeth, reluctance to chew hard food, barking in pain or not wanting to eat because of pain, and even falling teeth. Chronic dental disease can cause bacteria to spread in the blood to vital organs such as blood vessels, heart, liver and kidneys, and in severe cases can lead to general deterioration of health.



Pets can be trained to brush their teeth by gently touching their gums and waiting until they are comfortable with it. To get pets to brush their teeth in peace, you can give them plenty of exercise beforehand to burn off their energy. Don't overdo it the first few times, and when it gets used to it, it can increase the time each day. Also talk in a soothing and pleasant way during brushing and reward it when it's over,
newface's teeth cleaning products contain a variety of vitamins and minerals and are easy to digest. They are very helpful for pets' teeth and are also very good rewards.


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