OEM dog snacks mini chews with real meat

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Crude Protein Min 33%
Crude Fat Min 2.0%
Crude Fiber Max 2.0%
Ash Max 2.0%
Moisture Max 18%
Ingredients: Chicken,spinach
Shelf time: 18 months

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* This products are all mini dog chews of rawhide with meat for small dog that suitable to eat small chews. You can have many options to choose for your dogs.
Product 1, rawhide chips with chicken are made of rawhide and real chicken meat, with crude protein of 38%, fat of 2.0%, a high protein and low fat snacks for small size dog.
Product 2, rawhide wrapped with beef, this product are made with cowhide and beef meat, without beef-by products, the protein is 33%, the fat is 2.0%. The dogs will love this mini chews, since when they chew this snacks, they also have meat to eat, interesting and delicious.
Products 3, chicken and rawhide dice, this product are made of rawhide and chicken, this product is not like the above products, this product used a combined rawhide dice, then wrapped with chicken. The meaning of the combined rawhide is that like the munchy stick, this stick is made with rawhide powder to make the designed shape. But only with the rawhide and with no other addictive and harmful things. And the chicken is the real chicken meat, without chicken-by products.
The crude protein is 38%, fat is min 2%.
Products 4, chicken and munchy dice. This product is made of munchy and chicken. This products are different from the other products, with chicken inside, and munchy outside. With protein 38% and fat 2.0%.
* You can have many options to choose the appropriate products for your dogs based on the sizes and the weights of your pets.
*Please note that be cautions when you feed your dogs these mini dog chews, to avoid the dogs swallow the whole chews and don’t chew them.

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