OEM/ODM Dog rawhide chews rawhide chips with chicken breast inside

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Crude Protein Min 55%
Crude Fat Min 2.0%
Crude Fiber Max 2.0%
Ash Max 2.0%

shelf life: 24months


Rawhide, Chicken breast

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* This kind of the products are made with real cowhide and real chicken breast.
The rawhide chips can be made into different sizes and different shapes. You can have many options to choose for your dogs.
* This is real rawhide dental chews. Some pet parents feels good to feed their pets with real rawhide chew to practice their teeth from tartar and plaque.
* We have many options of rawhide and chicken products for you to choose. The materials are chicken and rawhide, no other artificial addictive and no colors or other harmful adding. The rawhide can be made into different shapes and then put chicken breast meat together with the rawhide. You can choose the loved shape and appropriate sizes based on the pets age and the sizes of the dogs.

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* We are all dog lovers, and all want to give the dogs the best snacks, so based on this thoughts, we selected the best and healthy materials, made the best quality products for the pets to choose.
* The products rawhide with chicken meat can be as a training reward when train the dogs. And can be as a chewing snacks to meet the dogs’ requirements of chewing something. Some people think it is necessary to give the dogs something to chew, since sometimes the dogs chew the shoes, the furniture, and also the clothes. Giving the dogs rawhide chews, the pets can make this as a treat or a toy, chewing this kind of treats can cost long time, so you also can have time to do your own things, do not need to stare the dogs all the time.

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