OEM/ODM Dog rawhide chews cowhide chip with duck breast meat

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Crude Protein Min 60%
Crude Fat Min 2.0%
Crude Fiber Max 2%
Ash Max 3.0%

shelf life: 24months


Rawhide, duck breast

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* This product with high protein of 60%, all natural and nutrition, low calorie and gluten free.
This product is a lean and healthy chew for your dog.
* No artificial flavors or preservatives.
All pets should be raised with kindness and respect, so choosing high quality ingredients for the pets is a good way to show our love to the pets.
* The product rawhide chews of rawhide and duck meat come from 100% natural, grass-fed and free-range cows and ducks. No antibiotics or added growth hormones are ever administered. These rawhide chips are gluten free which is great for pets with a gluten allergy.
* The rawhide stick with duck meat is a kind of healthy, flavorful snack and a smart alternative to chemically processed ingredients that are found in other processed dog treats. 


* Best alternative to chemically made dog chew bones and manufactured sticks.
* Chewing the rawhide chews can help the dogs to reduce plaque and tartar and make their breath fresher.
* The rawhide dog chews wrapped with duck can be a long lasting dog chews, this will make them chew for a longer time than the pure meat snacks, so you can have longer time to do your own things, and the dogs can make this chews as a toy, one toy that can chew and enjoy the meat at the meanwhile.
* We use high quality rawhide chips wrapped with fresh duck breast to make this kind of products.Then dry them via air, after packing the dog chews, we transport the goods to the irradiation center to irradiate the goods. This is an important step!

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